School Holiday Hacks!

By Mayvers

June 1, 2022

With school holidays riiiiiight around the corner, we know how hard it can be to keep the little ones busy! Finding fun activities to keep them entertained is tricky enough, but add on the constant “I’m hungryyyyyy” complaint, and the task seems almost impossible!

Lucky for all you mums, dads, grandparents, and babysitters alike, we’ve created a go-to guide on how to keep the kiddies occupied, engaged, and energised these school holidays.


Activity #1

A trip to the park is a classic for a reason. With loads of room to run around, and heaps of equipment to keep them busy, parks and playgrounds are the perfect destination to take the kids these school holidays. Even in wet or cold weather, all you need to do is rug up, chuck on some gumboots or sturdy runners and get on out there!


For extra entertainment-points, be sure to bring down a footy, frisbee, or soccer ball, and you’ll be set for hours!


When snack time rolls around at the park, fear not! Make sure you bring along some healthy, filling treats, that will give you and the fam a boost of energy, without that ‘sugar rush’. Bringing with you a container of homemade Protein Balls or a handful of Pretzel Bites might be the difference between hours of fun, and tantrum central!




Activity #2

Museums are an awesome, and educational activity to try out these school holidays. Bring along the kids and their friends and make a day out of roaming all the history, nature, art, and science that’s located inside. It’s the perfect wet weather activity, and best of all, when you get home, the little ones will be so exhausted that they’ll go straight to sleep!




It’s crucial for a day-long expedition, that snacks are ready on hand. And sometimes, whipping up a batch of homemade goodies is just not possible! Well, prepare to have your prayers answered, because we have just come out with some brand-new, nothing-but-goodness, suuuuuuper-tasty Wholefood Bars!



Coming in three delicious flavours, these beauties are the perfect snack for all ages, that’ll fuel you up with their plant-powered ingredients and leave you saying mmmmm. Chuck in a box of Crunchy PB Bars into your backpack, and museum snacks are sorted!


Activity #3

Cooking with kids can be a scaryyyyyyy task. But there are plenty of ways to make having the kiddies in the kitchen safe and fun! Obviously, ensure that aprons are on, and hands are washed, to make sure everything, from the food to their clothes, stays clean. The next best way to avoid any accidents, is to choose recipes that are quick, easy, and little mess (no-bake is the dream!). Here’s our favourites, that will satisfy those tastebuds, and leave the little ones feeling very proud:



No-Bake Macadamia Bars: This brownie-like slice is chocolatey-heaven, and with no baking required, how can you say no?!

Five-Ingredient PB&J Cups: These peanut butter cups look super impressive but are surprisingly easy! They do require some fiddling though, so we’d recommend trying this one with the older kids.

Choc Mint Bubble Slice: This slice is ridiculously simple and is perfect for choc-mint fans. Just combine the ingredients, set it in the fridge, and BOOM, you’re done!

Monkey PB Pancakes: If you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge, try out this cute pancake recipe! Just be careful though, because once the kids learn how to make them, you might have to stop them from having pancakes every morning!


Don’t forget to tag us in all your #kidsinthekitchen pics, for your chance to appear on our socials!


Activity #4

Zoos and aquariums are a fail-safe way to entertain the little ones on the holidays. No matter how many times you go, they never get old…well, at least for the kids they don’t! They’ll spend hours scoping out the sharks, messing with the monkeys, fussing over the fish  and grinning at the giraffes, but just remember….don’t touch the glass!


Of course, for a day at the zoo or aquarium, snacks are a must. If you’re feeling motivated, we always find muffins or healthy cookies are great, but if you’re looking for quick, easy, and no-fuss goodness-on-the-go, don’t forget to pick up a box of our Wholefood Bars. The Cacao flavour is the perfect afternoon treat!




So there are our top four ways to keep the kiddies entertained these school holidays. Good luck, and don’t forget to stock up on our brand-new Wholefood Bars, to keep you energised, satisfied and ready to seize the day! Find them at select Woolworths across Australia.