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Are your products made in Australia? +

Yes, every single jar of Mayver's is made locally in Victoria, Australia from nothing but pure, natural wholefood ingredients that have simply been crushed, blended and bottled.

Do you add any sugar, palm oil, fats or preservatives? +

No, we never add palm oil, hardened fats, sugar, dairy, gluten or any other 'badditives' to our jars. All Mayver's products are made from 100% pure, wholefood ingredients that have simply been crushed, blended and bottled. Our Super Tasty Peanut Butters and Dark Roast Peanut Butters have a tiny pinch of sea salt added to give the peanuts extra zing; plus our Cacao Super Spread is naturally sweetened by the goodness of crushed dates.

Do you use genetically modified ingredients? +

No, at Mayver's we only use the finest natural non-GMO ingredients in our range of wholefood spreads, making them better for you naturally.

Do you add any sugar or dairy to your cacao nut butters? +

No, we never add any sugar, dairy, gluten, palm oil or any other 'badditives' to our entire range of natural spreads. Mayver's Cacao Super Spread is naturally sweetened by the goodness of crushed dates making it perfect for vegans or anyone that is lactose intolerant. The almonds in our Almond Cacao and Coconut Spread give a delicious natural sweetness to its flavour whereas our Organic Peanut Butter & Cacao is more peanutty than chocolate (think 90% dark chocolate)!

Why is there oil on top of the jar? Do you add oil? +

No, we don't add any oil, palm oil or hardened fats to any of our products. The oil you see on top of our jars is the natural "good" oils that are expelled from the nut or seed during the crushing process. A lot of other manufacturers add hardened fats (like palm oil) to stop the spread from separating which makes it easier to spread. The oil separating on the top of Mayver's jars is a sign that our products are 100% natural - being made from just pure wholefood ingredients that have been crushed, blended and bottled.

What do the stars mean on the new labels? +

The Health Stars featured on Mayver's range of natural Peanut Butters, nut butters and Super Spreads are designed to help you make healthier choices with the foods you are eating. The "Health Star Rating" was developed by the Australian government in conjunction with leading health industry experts. Our natural spreads feature 4 - 5 stars compared to other nut butters which means that they are better for you, naturally.

Is the oil in Mayver's jars bad for me? +

No, it’s actually very good for you. Oil from sesame seeds, tree nuts and peanuts are considered to be healthy oil, high in “good” fats and low in “bad” fats. Sesame oil also contains powerful antioxidants such as sesamin and sesamol. Mayver’s natural Organic Hulled Tahini is super packed with powerful phytonutrients, essential vitamins and minerals plus 3 unique antioxidants that have been clinically proven to naturally lower LDL (bad) cholesterol which can lead to coronary heart disease.

What method do you use for organic certification? +

Mayver's is certified by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) and internationally recognised bodies such as the USDA organic and IFOAM certify our imported raw materials. All our certified organic products carry the BUD logo. We are audited regularly and have strict protocols relating to the handling and processing of our organic ingredients.

Where is Mayver’s made? +

Our entire range of Mayver’s natural products are made locally in Victoria, Australia by a small Australian family company. Mayver’s products are made to the highest standards and are compliant with GMP, HACCP and Kosher certification.

Where can I buy Mayver's? +

We are sold in Coles, Woolworths, online and in independent retailers throughout Australia; in Malaysia, China and Singapore. Check out our stockist page for a complete store listing near you!

Is Mayver's suitable for diabetics? +

They sure are! Mayver’s 100% natural product range is made from nothing but natural wholefood ingredients with no added sugar, oil, dairy or any other badditives making them perfect for people with diabetes and other dietary restrictions.

Is Mayver's suitable for dairy intolerant people? +

Yes they are. All our products are dairy, gluten and cholesterol free without compromising on flavour and can be used in sauces, dressing, dips, smoothies and as an alternative to butter and margarine. Mayver’s Tahini is very low in salt, is Low G.I (glycemic index) and contains plenty of good fats. Unhulled Tahini is also a rich source of gluten-free fibre and dairy-free calcium.

Can dogs eat Mayver's? +

Yes! All our products are 100% Pure-state wholefood spreads, which means that they are literally pure natural ingredients that are simply crushed and bottled - nothing else - no added oil, sugar, fats, chemicals or sweeteners (including Xylitol) or any other nasties. You Puppy is free to eat our Peanut Butter to their heart's desire!

Are all Mayver's spreads 100% Australian? +

Due to the volume of peanuts we need to keep supply of our Mayver’s range in the market (we sell a large amount of peanut butter each year), currently we are unable to source enough Australian peanuts to make up 100% of Australian peanuts for our total range. As Australia unfortunately can’t produce enough peanuts we require for our Mayver’s spreads – even if we took the total amount of Australian peanuts grown each year. However, our regular Mayver's Crunchy and Smooth Peanut Butter are 100% Australian.

What are the ingredients used in the Chocoloate/Hazelnut spread in the Chocolate Protein+ Peanut Butter spread? +

Our new Chocolate Protein + Peanut Butter is absolutely delicious and made with wholesome, natural ingredients. It's a 100% Natural Better for You spread that we're really proud of!

As for our chocolate and hazelnut spreads, we've put in a lot of effort to develop a unique product. We carefully selected a proprietary blend of vegan compound ingredients for their quality and flavour delivery. That's what sets our Chocolate Protein + Peanut Butter apart and makes it the first of its kind in Australia!

The Chocolate and Hazelnut spreads are sweetened using a natural sweetener and nothing artificial. The sugar content of our chocolate spread is visible on the nutritional panel.

What's more, our Chocolate Protein + Peanut Butter has received a 5 Star Health rating based on its nutritional value. We're thrilled to offer a spread that not only tastes great but is also good for you.

What is the protein content of the Mayver's Chcolate Protein+ Peanut Butter spread? +

Our Chocolate Protein + Peanut Butter boasts 20% more protein (+18.75g protein per jar) compared to our core Smooth Peanut butter. This is a significant increase which sets our new product apart as a true Protein + peanut butter Vs our core peanut butter range within our portfolio.