Myth Busting in May!

By Mayvers

May 2, 2022

As you could guess, here at team Mayver’s, we are absolute LOVERS of peanut butter! On toast, in delicious, homemade recipes, even straight out the jar, it’s all amazing! But, we’ve noticed, that there are a lot of myths and beliefs that tend to fly around about our favourite spread, that just simply aren’t true!

So, we thought, what better time than now, to bust some MEGA myths about peanut butter, and expose it’s true MIGHTYNESS.


Myth #1:

Peanut Butter is bad for you

False! Peanut butter is full of loads of good stuff that can promote health and wellbeing (plus, it tastes AMAZING). Our peanut butter specifically contains absolutely no added oil, sugar, gluten, dairy, cholesterol or hardened fats, meaning you get alllllllll the goodness and none of the nasties.


Myth #2:

Peanut Butter is only for sandwiches

Say whattttt?! This is absolutely not true! While there is nothing quite like a good PB sandwich, have you SEEN our extensive downloadable recipe book?! It’s packed to the brim with easy, nutritious and DELICIOUS dishes, desserts, snacks and sides that are loaded with PB.


Myth #3

Peanut Butter is high in salt

While some peanut butters do have a large amount added salts, our Mayver’s spreads certainly do not! Our PBs only contain a dash of salt for taste, amounting to just 51mg of sodium per tablespoon! The ideal recommendation of daily sodium intake for an adult is 1500mg, meaning one tablespoon of our PB contributes to just 3.4% of the daily average.


Myth #4

Peanut Butter is savoury

Uh oh….the age old debate: is peanut butter savoury or sweet? While we can’t officially bust this myth, we know what our answer is…BOTH! Our peanut butter can be used in sooooo many different ways; it can satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths and the most die-hard savoury fan. From Ice Cream and Chocolate Cookie recipes, to Tacos and Pad Thai dishes, peanut butter has the power to satisfy every pallate!


Myth #5

Peanut Butter only comes in small jars

Ummmm, what????!!!!! Have you not heard of our Mayver’s Mega and Mighty jars?! You’re missing out! This month is Mayver’s Mighty, MEGA May, after all!!! Our Mega and Mighty Jars, available at Coles and Woolies are the perfect way to get the MOST natural, nutty goodness into your life.

These super-sized jars  are perfect for big families, as well as those who just simply LOVE peanut butter. Coming in 750g and 882g sizes, these jumbo jars are the perfect way to spread the goodness for even longer, plus they save you that weekly shopping trip spent stocking up on PB. Double the PB = double the natural, nutty goodness!


So, there you have it! Now that you know the TRUTH about peanut butter, you’re free to go out, and ENJOY! You can find our spreads at your local Coles and Woolies, as well as select independent grocers.


Happy Mayver’s Mighty Mega May!!!!