INTRODUCING: Smunchy 5 Seeds Peanut Butter, supercharge your toast the natural way!

By Mayvers

August 9, 2023

Supercharge your toast the natural way!

Introducing our brand NEW Smunchy 5 Seeds Peanut Butter. An easy way to boost your intake of micronutrients and healthy fats!

With the addition of 5 healthy whole seeds: Chia, Pepitas, Quinoa, Linseed and Sunflower, paired with our SMUNCHY Hi-Oleic Peanut Butter and a pinch of sea salt. We’ve created this wholesome natural spread that the whole family will LOVE!

You might be wondering what smunchy is? Well, It isn’t smooth and it isn’t crunchy, it’s in the middle with a perfect texture that has just the right amount of crunch, thanks to the goodness of 5 healthy whole seeds! We made an Instagram reel showing the Smunchy texture, view it here 

Just like all of our spreads, our Mayver’s Smunchy 5 Seeds Peanut Butter is 100% Natural and has no added sugar, no palm oil or dairy! It’s also gluten and vegan free so everyone can enjoy it! Plus, it’s 5 HEALTH STAR RATED so rest assured it’s not only delicious but also the healthier spread for you.

It’s great to have on toast, in your favourite peanut butter recipe or straight off the spoon! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Add it to your shopping list this week and head to your local Woolworths’ to give it a try for yourself! Our Smunchy 5 Seeds Peanut Butter is available from Woolworths’ Spreads aisle nationally.

You can view the full ingredients and nutrition information panel here


Thank you for supporting our Family Owned and Australian made brand we truly appreciate it and thank you for continuing to make Mayver’s Australia’s #1 natural spreads brand!

If you have any questions or feedback about our NEW Smunchy 5 Seeds Peanut Butter, please feel free to contact us at ­­- we would love to hear from you!