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Dark roast convert +

Just wanted to congratulate you on your dark roasted, crunchy peanut butter. I bought my first jar of Mayver's last week after using another brand for many years, and I think it is bloody delicious. I am an instant convert. Fantastic product!


Peanut butter love letter +

I'm all about sharing the love & I wanted to share it with you Mayvers... By telling you that your peanut butter (especially the crunchy one!!) is Marvellous, Authentic, Yummy, Valuable, Exceptional, Rad, Splendid. Your family owned Australian company deserves recognition for making such a great, healthy product.


The BEST peanut butter ever! +

Hands down, Mayver's Peanut Butter is THE BEST peanut butter I've ever tasted!! After almost 5 decades of loving peanut butter, I wouldn't have thought there was too much more that could be done to improve the taste. I was wrong. I tip my hat to you guys - just sensational.


A wonderful discovery! +

Hello! I have just discovered your spreads and want to let you know how wonderful they are. I can't wait to try them all!! The quality of these spreads are the best I've tasted so far. Prices are also reasonable. I love the fact that I can recycle the jars which I do every time. Please stay in glass jars and not the plastic ones. I really don't mind paying that extra so it's glass!! Love your work!!


Beware... +

Honestly the crunchy nut butters and Super Spreads are DANGEROUS around me, I have to hide them from myself to prevent eating an entire jar in a sitting. Perfect heatlhy dose that I know I have no shame in saying I have everyday. Once you go Mayvers, you never go back!!!


It took one spoonful... +

After searching high and low for a healthy alternative to peanut butter and Nuttella, I finally found it! The crunchy peanut butter and the Cacao super spread! One spoonful straight from the jar, and i was completely hooked! I literally snack on both of these daily and its safe to say, once you have Mayvers, nothing else compares! Delicious and supporting local Australian produce! What else could you want in a food? All i can say is... THANK YOU MAYVERS!


It's been a 20 year search! +

At the age of almost 50, I have for at least 20 years tried to find a peanut butter that tasted just like it did when I was little. I'd say I have tried all of them, until I just settled on another Australian product. So when I saw yours advertised and then at the supermarket I thought to myself, should I try it or not!
Well I did, came home and slathered it on a fresh piece of bread. I could not believe my taste buds, this was exactly how the peanut butter tasted when I was little!! I'm in heaven, and very soon probably in the next size clothing as the amount I'm having with that soft fresh bread is just naughty!
Thank you so much, I looooove this peanut butter.
PS: I bought the dark roasted crunch.


From one Aussie to another +

Thanks Mayver's your peanut butter tastes fantastic. Living life on the land I love to support Aussie products so I read on the label and was happy to see you are mostly a family company, by the way I loved your story. having read many labels, these can often be misleading in that the deeper I dig I often find multi nationals own some of the brands I thought were Australian. thanks for the great products which i will be trying in the near future and I will certainly be recommending them to my family and friends, thanks again Mayver's.


'I've died & gone to heaven..... +

when I tasted the dark roasted crunchy peanut butter!
I have never tasted such an awesome peanut butter & better still, Aussie made!
My favourite use for this nutty spread is on my toasted banana, peanut butter & cheese sandwiches! They simply ROCK!
High Five to Mayvers!


Perfect for Toddlers +

Perfect for toddlers. Our little one loves peanut butter, and we love giving him Mayver's with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil in other spreads


Natural Healthy Peanuts +

I have truly never written to anyone before re products but I had to comment..... After my little one was given the green light to reintroduce peanuts after luckily growing out of a peanut allergy I wanted something that was natural healthy peanuts and I found it! Thank-you for your so delicious peanut butter which both my little ones (and happy parents) now enjoy without a worry! Looking forward to now sampling the rest of the range.


A Mayver's Nut Butter Addict!!! +

Hi My name's Renae and i'm a nut butter addict...in particular a Mayver's nut butter addict. Rarely a day goes by without having Mayvers...A dollop of almond or peanut butter in my breakfast bowl or smoothered on toast with banana slices, a spoonful on my apple slices or banana for morning tea, in the satay dressing for rice paper rolls at lunch, mixed into peanut butter protein balls for an afternoon snack and let's be honest...that sneaky spoonful straight out of the jar as a late night snack (I'm not the only one who does this right?)

And that's just the peanut butter...then there's tahini! Mix with some lemon juice and you've got yourself one tasty salad dressing, or blitz up some beetroot tahini or hummus dip for those veggie sticks and as an all essential ingredient for the most decadent caramel slice.

I'm not kidding when I say I have tried almost everything in the Mayver's range so far - the super seeds spreads, the almond butter range, all the peanut butters (I love the peanut and coconut spread), tahini (unhulled and hulled) - the only thing I haven't tried is the black tahini (and that's because I haven't been able to find it)!

Once you've had the real stuff ...without all the artificial ingredients, thickeners, preservatives, sugar, salt etc that are found in most other brands of nut butters you will never go back...well only for seconds of the real deal! Thanks Mayvers for sharing the love with your pure state foods!


Easy to use and Delicious +

I love these products. Currently in my pantry there are 4 varieties of nut spreads and two of tahini. My favourite tahini is the black Tahini, it provides real visual impact when paired with vibrant red tomatoes, yellow capsicum and white fetta cheese. I also love it on cooked carrots, the contrast is gorgeous.

These spreads are easy to use and delicious. I really love how the label on the jar feels, and is so easy to remove so you can then recycle your jar (mine get filled with craft things).

My young daughter had not had store bought peanut butter for a long time as it caused behavioural issues (we were thinking it was maybe a preservative issue) having tried the Mayvers Peanut Spread she is fine and is thoroughly enjoying this as an after school dip for veggie sticks, or with her morning breakfast on toast with banana.


The only Peanut Butter for me +

Will never buy another brand of peanut butter again!


Absolutely blown way!!! +

For a long time I have avoided the spreads section of supermarkets because of the vast amounts of empty calories loaded into each jar - honey, nut butters and jams all packed with sugar (Seriously, who needs a spread that's 50% sugar?!). However, I stopped and had a look at some of the newer products that have appeared a few weeks ago. I was very intrigued with your products superfood blends (The original and coconut in particular). And... I am absolutely blown away by how delicious these spreads are. Only nuts and seeds, and yet the quality is leagues ahead of anything else on the shelf. I've gotten many of my friends hooked on this amazing spread and I won't stop until everyone I know has tried this amazing little jar of goodness. Sensational stuff.


Healthy taste sensations! +

Middle age has brought with it health problems, minor but annoying, and I deleted salt, sugar and dairy from my diet. I feel better but as you can imagine that doesn't leave much room for yummy things to eat. Until I discovered Mayver's Original Super Spread with 4 nuts, chia and sesame and without added salt, sugar or dairy! Heaven! Thank you for this healthy taste sensation.



Your crunchy peanut butter is UNREAL!! I cant get enough of it!
So much so, that I thought I had better jump online and let you guys know. Keep doing whatever it is you are doing that makes it sooooooo good!


Worth every penny +

I bought the Dark Chocolate Super spread thinking I would give it a go. I'm glad I did - I love it. Not going to lie I was unsure at first and thought no way. Slowly but surely I was dipping my spoon in again and again for more.
Love it - can't wait to try more. Thought it was a bit expensive at the start, but realise worth every penny.


One spoonful is all it took! +

Since I was little, I was given the dreaded school sandwich filled with oily...smelly...brightly orange colored peanut butter. Let me just say, these sandwiches completely put me off ANY brand of peanut butter. I didn't eat it for 12 years. I couldn't stand the texture, smell or taste of it..That was.. until one day I decided to buy my mum a jar of peanut butter recently for her to snack on (its her favourite spread ever!) Anyway, I decided to buy her Mayvers Crunchy Peanut Butter (she had never tried it before and it looked appealing) After a bad experience with another brand, anything seemed better. Anyway! We got home and I hesitantly smelt the jar as mum ate it.. surprisingly I didn't feel sick..and it didn't make me want to vomit so... i tried one spoonful. What can I say? After 12 years of avoiding peanut butter.. you changed my mind Mayvers. It is the best and ONLY peanut spread I have ever eaten and will ever eat. I enjoyed it So Thank you! It tastes beautiful. I am now addicted.


Beats all the other peanut butters on the shelf :) +

Ive become totally addicted to your peanut butter and often...late at night...grab a spoon and eat it from the jar! Bravo, beats all the other peanut butters on the shelf! :)


Droooooooling... +

Quite literally droooooling over your Peanut Butter and Coconut Spread. Recently losing 10 kilograms it has been amazing having an organic product I know I can trust as good for me (as well as FINALLY finding something that tastes even better than the real thing). I love to spread it over half a banana with some chia seeds or simply indulge in a spoonful when I am after something sweet. THANK YOU Mayvers, your products are simply the best.


Thank you for a Superior product +

Have a magic recipe for a shortbread style peanut butter cookies Have tried other brands of peanut butter with their added emulsifiers + high levels of salt @ sugar. Thank you for a far superior product. Grandkids have a phone 'hotline' ordering a weekly batch of grandads peanut cookies. Good health to you and your supporters! -


Guilt factor = Zero!!! +

The coconut super spread is the most amazing thing ever - I've literally polished off a whole jar in about three days! (guilt factor = zero). can't wait to try the dark chocolate version!


Nice & Crunchy +

I am absolutely addicted to your Almond, Coconut and cacao spread. Love that you can actually feel the pieces of nuts..so nice and crunchy.


Recommend with confidence +

I was introduced to your peanut butter about 6 months ago, this is the original sensational satisfying taste I missed when I was a young boy some 40+ years ago, never without a jar and recommend with confidence.


Greatest thing in my pantry! +

Absolutely love the peanut and coconut spread! It is the greatest thing in my pantry!


Made with simple, natural ingredients! +

So nice to find a peanut butter spread made with simple, natural ingredients! Now I've seen your website, I'll be looking in my Woollies store for your other products, too.


Superb spreads +

Superb spreads. So sorry I hadn't discovered your products sooner — I have even been salivating over the discontinued spreads on your site. I hope they can rise again!


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