Staying Warm this Winter!

By Mayvers

July 4, 2022

Ahhh, winter…

When the wind gets harsher, the windows get frostier, the mornings get tougher and the bed requires another blanket, you know that winter has well and truly arrived. It can be hard to get through the colder months, but we know what always keeps us going during the chilly season, and that’s warming, wholesome food! Check out below our favourite recipes to whip up during the wintertime.


Peanut Butter Mocha Baked Oats

For a warming breakfast, you can’t beat baked oats. The new trend of baking oats has changed the morning game. For this delicious recipe, all you’ll need is a handful of basic ingredients and 10-15 minutes, and your morning will be made one hundred times better. Super-tasty and the perfect way to get you out of bed on a fresh winter morning.


Chicken Satay Ramen

To keep you going all day, you’ll need a lavish lunch. Look no further than this amazing Chicken Satay Ramen recipe. It’s the perfect dish to give you that much-needed energy boost to get through the rest of your day. The mix of soft noodles and hot soup will warm you up even on the coldest of days!


Coconut Almond Tahini Hot Chocolate

Not a coffee drinker, but need a hot beverage to wake you up and defrost those bones? Check out this incredible Coconut Almond Tahini Hot Chocolate! This awesome recipe will elevate your hot chocolate to the next level, adding wholesome notes of nuttiness. A pinch of cinnamon makes it the perfect winter cuppa…


Peanut Butter Curry

Turn up the heat at dinner with a scrumptious curry! This one is loaded with our favourite ingredient; peanut butter, making it extra ah-Mayver’s-zing. Super warming and filling, this one may take a little longer, but is soooo worth it. Plus, it’s not too spicy, meaning the kids can enjoy it too!


Peanut Butter Baked Cheesecake

Remember those packet-mix puddings you used to love? Well, get ready to fall in love again, with this Peanut Butter Baked Cheesecake, that’s perfect for dessert on a chilly night. Just as easy as the box, this homemade treat only requires four ingredients and twenty minutes, plus is packed with protein, as well as our natural peanut butter, making it all the more better for you! Ooey-gooey goodness galore!


So, there you have a full day of eats for even the chilliest of winter days! If these don’t warm you up, we don’t know what will! For even MORE winter warmers, be sure to check out our Instagram and downloadable recipe book, for the best wholesome recipes to help you stay warm this winter.