Wholefood Bars: What’s The Deal?!

By Mayvers

August 1, 2022

So, if you haven’t heard by now, you should know that we’ve recently come out with our delicious, new Mayver’s Wholefood Bars! These super-tasty bars come in three amazing flavours: Crunchy, Super Cacao and Berry, and can be found at select Woolworths stores across Australia.


But you may be asking, what makes these bars so great?! Well, let us tell you…


They are plant-powered!

All three flavours of our Wholefood Bars are made with real ingredients, with absolutely no added nasties. They are entirely plant-powered, meaning you can get your daily dose of delicious goodness, the natural way!


They are cane sugar free!

Our Wholefood Bars are completely free of cane sugar and corn syrup (A.K.A glucose). Instead, we use the natural tastiness of dates to sweeten our bars. Dates are a wholefood, meaning they are not processed, which makes our bars all the more nutritious and all the more DELICIOUS!


They are a great source of fibre!

With their high peanut and date content, our Wholefood Bars are the perfect way to get a healthy dose of fibre! Fibre is important to maintain digestive health* and helps to keep you fuller for longer.


They are simply delicious!

Delicious flavour is everything to us, which is why it is so important for our Wholefood Bars to taste amazing! Each flavour has its own personality: The Crunchy Bar tastes just like our classic Crunchy Peanut Butter, with delicious chunks of peanuts. Our Berry Bar has the sweet bursts of cranberries throughout. And the Super Cacao Bar tastes just like our Super Cacao Spread and is perfect for chocolate lovers.


Mayver’s Wholefood Bars can be found at select Woolies store across Australia. For more information on ingredients and health benefits of our Wholefood Bars see our recent blog post, or check out our product page.


*Dietary Fibre, Better Health Chanel