Spread the Goodness!

By Mayvers

March 8, 2022

What better feeling is there than the feeling of spreading goodness, far and wide?! We are all for spreading goodness, particularly through our natural, no-nasties peanut butter, of course! But we also LOVE seeing goodness being spread by all of you, and not just on toast!


There are LOADS of ways to spread goodness in our daily lives. Whether it’s spreading the goodness of delicious, natural PB on fresh bread, or metaphorically spreading the goodness in your life through random acts of kindness, every little bit counts, from big to small! Here are our top ways to spread the goodness this month:


Walnut & Goji Banana Bread

Goodness can be spread on all sorts of things! Try this wholesome Walnut and Goji Banana Bread recipe, super easy and tasty. Plus, with a bit of Mayver’s goodness spread on top, it gets taken to a whole new deeeelicousss level!


Paying it Forward

Paying it forward is when someone does something nice for you, instead of paying them ‘back’, you pay it ‘forward’, and pass on the act of kindness to another person. That way, you can create a domino effect of good deeds, and therefore spread the goodness further! A great way to pay it forward is to buy the person behind you in line a coffee. A simple gesture, but try it out, it sure feels great!


PB Pancakes

You really can’t beat pancakes for breakfast. They’re a classic that always satisfy, but there is one way to upgrade them. Next time you’re whipping up some morning pancakes, spread the goodness of Mayver’s on top and you’ll be ready to go out and conquer the world!


Protect the Planet

Caring for and protecting the planet is one of the easiest ways to spread the goodness. Being aware of your impact on the world, doing your part to minimise it, and sharing this with others, spreads a sense of care and kindness like no other. Recycling and reusing items is a great way to start. Our jars can be upcycled in a LOAD of ways, so why not start there?



PB, Jam and Cheese Toastie

Goodness goes beyond what’s expected. How about try this weird and wonderful toastie combo?! Spread the goodness of Mayver’s on top, whack it on the pan and let your tastebuds tingle with flavour explosion! Goodness galore!



Compliment Someone

Sometimes the simplest things are the best things. Simply telling someone they look great today, or that you love their smile, or that they have a nice laugh, can make someone’s day. All you need is your voice to put a smile on someone else’s dial and sprinkle some goodness into their day.


Peanut Butter Satay Chicken Burger

There’s nothing better than a burger on a Friday night to finish off your week. But there’s nothing worse than that feeling the next morning, when the regret of eating an oily burger hits. To feel GOOD the next day, check out this PB Satay Burger!


Donate your Clothes

It’s fair to say that we ALL probably have too many clothes. So, this weekend, why not clear out your wardrobe and donate to a charity shop?! You’ll find some hidden treasures you’d completely forgotten about; you’ll feel good about yourself once you donate, AND someone in need will really appreciate those donated clothes. Spreading goodness every which way!


We love seeing all the different ways our Mayver’s fam spreads goodness, which is why we’ve created a nothing-but-good giveaway, to celebrate all the goodness being spread all around us. We’ve teamed up with our good friend @fruityemz to give you the chance to win a goodness-galore Mayver’s Prize Pack! Keep an eye on our insta for your chance to win!