Hellooo Fun-uary!

By Mayvers

February 4, 2022

Did you know there are loads of Fun benefits of eating Peanut Butter? And by fun, we mean functionally healthy and delicious!


With our looooooong list of super tasty PBs, there is a peanut butter for all your needs!


Brighten up your day!


We all know that Omega 3 is good for us, but did you know why?


Typically found in seafood and fatty fish, Omega-3 is a good, healthy fat, more formally known as a ‘polyunsaturated fat’. According to leading dietician Susie Burrell, when incorporated into a balanced diet, Omega-3 “can actually help lower the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol levels and promote healthy brain function”.


Burrell says that “simply spreading a 30g serve of Mayver’s Omega-3 Super Peanut Butter onto a corn or brown rice cake as an afternoon snack is an easy and tasty way to begin incorporating portion-controlled serves of the right unsaturated fats into your diet”.


Check out these PB Caramel Bounty Bites, super delish, loaded with omega goodness.



Gut got you down?


Tummy troubles can be the absolute worst. Luckily, there are many natural, and healthy ways to improve your gut health.


Probiotics and prebiotics are the heroes of gut health. They can support immunity and assist in creating a great environment for your gut. Whilst they do occur naturally in the human body, there are some great ways to get some extra gut-goodness into your system, like with our Mayver’s Super Probiotic Peanut Butter.


As stated by Paul Raff himself, “our Probiotic Super Peanut Butter contains both probiotics and prebiotics and is mixed with the taste of Mayver’s Peanut Butter, to help your body optimise its gut and immune health”. It is also one hundred per cent plant-powered and tastes good too!


Try this Super Powered Probiotic PB Smoothie for a powerful breaky fix!


Want to know more? Check out our blog post that explains all the hype around probiotics.



Mayvers-Super-Spread-Cacao-280gHello happiness hit!


For those days when you’re just feeling down in the dumps, our Cacao Super Spread is here to lift your spirits.


This chocolate-y spread is pure happiness in a jar. Nothing makes us happier than sweet, luscious, chocolate-y goodness, and nothing puts a smile on our dial as much as our Cacao Spread, especially knowing it’s got none of the nasties. A natural, healthy and DELICIOUS way to get you happy buzz on!



Try these Cacao Super Spread-loaded Choc Nut Cookies, sure to give you that happy hit!




Mayvers-Super-Spread-Original-280gCurb those cravings!


The healthy oils in our pure-state nut and seed spreads, such as Mayver’s Original Super Spread, made from just chia, sesame, almonds, and 4 super nuts, contain a plethora of antioxidants, amino acids and proteins that can aid in weight loss, while keeping your bodies nourished and satisfied.


Forget feeling hungry, and satisfy your senses with good, natural ingredients that will fill you up and fuel your day. With no hardened fats and no added palm oil, our locally made and vegan-friendly spread is perfect on toast, in smoothies, or simply straight from the jar.

Dairy free stir fry


Try this Hot Satay Sauce to add some extra fuel to your day







So, for all your tasty, healthy nut needs, find us in Coles, Woolworths, and independent grocers across Australia.