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Pink Sandwich Biscuits

Time: 35min | Serves: 8

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For the Biscuit:

1 cup Mayver’s Smunchy Unsalted Peanut Butter 
1 egg, beaten
3 tbsp golden sweetener
1 tsp baking powder
1 scoop of vanilla vegan protein powder


For the Filling:

3/4 cup of macadamia nuts, soaked in boiling water for 20 mins
1/2 vanilla bean paste
1 tsp coconut oil
3-4 tsp maple syrup
2-3 tbsp of oat milk
2 heaped tsp of beauty collagen



  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
  2. Mix all ingredients for the biscuit in a bowl then use your hands to mix further and form 16 balls.
  3. Place on a lined baking tray and flatten them into a cookie shape. Cook for 10 mins then take out of the oven and let cool.
  4. Blend all ingredients for the filling in a food processor or blender. Ensure to push down the sides with a spatula to make sure it all blends well.
  5. Place in the fridge for 20 mins to firm up a little. Add filling to 8 biscuits and top each one with another biscuit to make a delicious pink sandwich biscuit!

Thanks so much to @diannayota for the awesome recipe!