Father’s Day Fun!

By Mayvers

August 31, 2022

The Mayver’s fam would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! From dorky dads to cool dads, grandads to dog dads, uncles to mates, and everyone in between, we wish all the fathers and father figures out there a fantastic Father’s Day this year!


It can often be a challenge finding the perfect activity to do with Dad on Father’s Day, after the breakfast in bed has been eaten and the presents have been unwrapped. It’s even harder to decide when Dads come in all different shapes and sizes; some like sports, some like video games, some like cooking; we could go on and on and ON! Never fear though, as we’ve got the top five activities that you can do with the Dad in your life, no matter what kind of Dad they are, this Father’s Day.


Activity #1 : Explore!

Everyone loves a good adventure don’t they?! Pick a spot someone nearby, but not tooooo nearby (it is supposed to be an adventure, remember), and head on out to explore with Dad! You could walk there, bike there, drive there, you could even rollerblade there if that’s your thing! The best part about this activity is that it’s all about the journey…not just the destination. Enjoy some quality time with Dad!


Activity #2 : Play!

Playtime shouldn’t just be for kids! Take some time this Father’s Day to let loose and have some fun!  You could head down to the local courts and play some tennis! You could plug in your old Playstation or Wii and play some video games! Why not dust off that old table out the back and play some ping pong? Or go back to basics, and bring out the good ol’ board games. The options for play are endless, and why not get the whole family involved?! The more the merrier!


Activity #3 : Cook!

Who doesn’t love food?! Whether your Dad has a sweet tooth, or is a savoury lover (or maybe even someone in between), everyone loves a tasty meal or snack, especially when it’s made with love. If Dad fancies himself a bit of a chef, get the aprons on and cook up a storm together this Father’s Day! Why not try out this sensational Peanut Sesame Noodle recipe?! Or if your Dad prefers to just enjoy the food, why not whip up some tasty treats for him to try? We’d highly recommend these PB&J Muffins, or these PB White Choc Chunk Cookies. Mmmmm…


Activity #4 : Create!

Creating something with someone else creates a bond like no other! Why not build or create something with Dad this Father’s Day? It could be anything! For the arty dad, you could create a collaborative painting! For the muso dad, why not jam out and create a new track! For the outdoorsy dad, whack on your gardening gloves and create a veggie patch in the yard! Create something that you can look back on for years to come!


Activity #5 : Relax!

Sometimes the best activity is the one that requires the least effort! For a busy dad, there’s nothing more they’d rather do than kick their feet up and just chill out. Why not set up a room just the way they’d like it: lay out some comfy pillows, pour them a cold glass of water, set out their favourite snacks, then sit down and watch their favourite show together. Embrace the serenity and let Dad unwind.


How will you be spending Father’s Day this year?! If you’re stuck for options, be sure to bookmark this blog post, so you know exactly how to make Dad’s day this Father’s Day!