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Healthy School Holiday Snacks

By Mayvers, September 30, 2019

Making healthy food that excites and delights the kiddos is a true art. Children burn through so much energy that their little bodies need oodles of fuel to keep them going. Skip the chips, nuggets, crackers, and lollies. If you need some new inspiration, here are some quick and easy healthy snacks for the kiddies […]

Meal Prep like a Pro

By Mayvers, September 5, 2019

We know that home-made is an important part of healthy eating. But who has time to cook every day? Here are our favourite 4 meal prep tips and tricks to help put together quick and tasty meals that are healthy too. 1. Not a morning person? Prep you brekky with overnight oats! They are super […]

Smash your PB!

By Mayvers, September 3, 2019

All this talk of protein, what’s all the hype about? Athletes smash it and the gym junkies are fanatical about it. But protein has much more to offer than just muscle mass. … It’s easy to understand the excitement. Protein is an important part of each cell in the body, it is an essential building […]

Bake this winter!

By Mayvers, August 2, 2019

It’s the last month of winter and we’re ready to get procrastibaking! Check out our favourite recipes for surviving the grizzly cold and relaxing on the couch with a dish fresh out of the oven. Mayver’s Unsalted Peanut Butter is the perfect addition to your pantry. It has just one ingredient— Peanuts! This is peanut […]

Fuel your hike

By Mayvers, June 13, 2019

Hiking is the one time you definitely want to be prepared! When going on hikes, particularly one over a number of days, you need to intake as many calories as humanly possible to maintain energy levels. Particularly sourced from healthy fats, oils, sugars and of course, protein. Peanut butter is packed with hiker’s essential nutrients. […]

Creating the Ultimate Mother’s Day Pamper Package

By Mayvers, May 3, 2019

There is nothing Mum’s love more than a thoughtful gift, and what says that you care more than a DIY pamper package. They’re personal, cost-effective and guaranteed to please Mum. Start with the basics below and build, with some small and personal things you know your Mum will love and thank you for. Start with […]