Creating the Ultimate Mother’s Day Pamper Package

By Mayvers

May 3, 2019

There is nothing Mum’s love more than a thoughtful gift, and what says that you care more than a DIY pamper package. They’re personal, cost-effective and guaranteed to please Mum.

Start with the basics below and build, with some small and personal things you know your Mum will love and thank you for.

Start with her favourite jar of Mayver’s Peanut Butter. Always a crowd pleaser.

Head to your local chemist or the like to pick up a sheet face mask, nail polish and any other goodies you know she enjoys using.

Then head over to the supermarket or specialty shop to pick up her favourite tea.

Candles can be found anywhere but we’d recommend Ecoya, Dusk or even make your own! They’re a lot easier than you might think.

And last but not least, make her something to munch on when you draw her a bath. We’ve got millions of recipes for you to choose from that can be found here.

Now draw mum a bath, light the candle and leave her in peace to sip away at her favourite tea whilst wearing her sheet face mask, painting her nails!! Oh and munching on her favourite PB on toast and/or delicious baked goodies.

Enjoy x