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5 Tips to get your kids eating healthy

By Mayvers, March 29, 2017

Getting kids to eat anything that doesn’t resemble pasta, a chip or a chicken nugget might feel like an uphill battle. But we are living in an ever-more health conscious society, so it’s only natural that we want to share our knowledge with our loved ones and get them on the bandwagon too. If your […]

Why it’s not bad to eat fats!

By Roberta Nelson, February 21, 2017

Fats get a bad rap, but they’re actually pretty amazing for your wellbeing! We’ve teamed up with Roberta the naturopath, aka naturomedico, who’s nuts about nuts! She tells us the different ways they can improve your health. For a very long time, fats were marked as the ‘bad guys’ of our diet, contributing to disease […]

1,2,3…. Peanut Butter fudge!

By Mayvers, January 20, 2017

Check out this healthy peanut butter fudge from Lorna Jane…. So easy and so YUM! You will need: 1 375g jar of Mayver’s Peanut Butter  3/4 cup coconut oil 1 cup dessicated coconut A big squeeze of raw honey   What to do: Pour all ingredients into a large bowl. Mix well. For a super smooth […]

Naughty but nice snacks!

By Mayvers, July 15, 2016

Here at Mayver’s, we’re all about enjoying the food we love without compromising on health. Who said that healthy has to mean boring? Michelle from A Healthy view is here to help you discover yummy, delicious recipes that are healthy- and get the tick of approval from fussy kids! Read on to find out how to get your […]

Guest post: Make your food Instagramable

By Elise McKillop, May 31, 2016

I’ve been surrounded by food photography most of my career, although up until a year ago I had never photographed a single item of food! Working as a Graphic Designer in the packaging design industry I was exposed to everything that was related to food packaging and food photography. From the client brief, concept, purchasing […]

Nothing But Goodness!

By Paul Raff, April 13, 2016

As a small Australian family company, we are proud to see how much we have grown in just three years! We are the only locally made peanut butter made from 100% Aussie peanuts. Since relaunching our Tahini in 2012, we’ve been on a super tasty mission to rid the world of ‘badditives’. Our new campaign […]