Say hello to our new Pure-State Almond range!

By Mayvers

September 23, 2014

Mayver’s delicious new pure-state almond range contains all the natural goodness our spreads are known for and have no added fats, nothing artificial, salt or sugar – especially free from dairy, gluten, cholesterol and palm oil! Just like all our spreads, they make the perfect guilt-free, everyday treat and can be enjoyed straight from the jar, on a snack or mixed into just about everything!

Just like our existing peanut spreads; our new almond spreads have extremely high health benefits too! Almonds are super high in vitamin E, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and are rich mono-unsaturated fats. Additionally, almonds are a low GI food, which provides sustained energy levels and are essential for optimum health and wellness. Despite not containing peanuts, these spreads are made in the same process line as our other spreads, please be careful if you have a severe peanut allergy.

Our new range includes four spreads:
Almond & Chia
Almond, Coconut & Cacao
Almond, Brazil nuts & Cashew

Give yourself a healthy dose of goodness with Mayver’s delicious Almond spread. With nothing but ah-mayvazing almonds simply crushed, blended and bottled; your belly will feel delighted with pure-state, dairy-free, gluten-free joy!

Almond, Coconut & Cacao
Drop what you’re doing and eat Mayver’s Almond, Coconut & Cacao spread, the most yummalicious treat in the world! Blending nutrient-dense almonds, life-loving coconut and ‘food of the gods’ cacao, this spread packs a very healthy punch in one mega-delish spread. Pure-state gluten-free, dairy-free choconutty goodness in a jar!
View Coles store listing here for the Almond, Coconut & Cacao (health food aisle)

Almond, Brazil & Cashew
Learn the ABC’s of yumminess with Mayver’s Almond, Brazil & Cashew spread. With a nourishing blend of nuts packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, you’ll enjoy a healthy snack with no added nasties! Simply crushed, blended and bottled, Mayver’s Almond, Brazil & Cashew spread is nothing but pure-state goodness your body will love.

Almond & Chia
Blending the superstar almond with ancient Mayan wonder Chia, Mayver’s Almond & Chia spread is a nutritional legend! Full of antioxidants, long-lasting energy and gut-loving fibre, Almond & Chia spread will light up your world with pure-state love. Like all our almond spreads, no added salt, sugar or hardened fats guaranteed!

Almond, Coconut & Cacao now available in Coles health food aisle – see store listing here!!
All 4 coming to a health food store near you – keep your eye out or ask your local to stock us!