Peanut Butter for Pups?!

By Mayvers

November 29, 2022

Woof woof! We’ve just released a specially formulated, goodness-packed, natural peanut butter for DOGS!


Our BRAND-NEW Rover’s Reward Natural Peanut Butter for Dogs is available in the pet aisle of Woolworths stores across Australia. This new product is packed with collagen and turmeric, to help support joint health and mobility, making it perfect for active dogs. It has no added oils, sugars or chemicals of any kind, meaning your pup can enjoy their favourite treat, without the nasties.

In addition, Rover’s Reward contains absolutely no Xylitol, which is toxic to our furry friends and is found in many commercial peanut butters on supermarket shelves, but not Rover’s!

Rover’s Reward is also vet recommended, with experts saying that PB is a great source of heart healthy fats, protein, vitamin B, niacin and vitamin E. The product comes in plastic jar, making it perfect for high reward training, smearing on dog toys, or just licking straight out of the jar!


And if that’s not enough to convince you, check out these reviews from some very special taste-testers:




“Breakfast of champions!”






“Enjoying my very own jar of PB!”







“It’s a rainy afternoon so perfect weather to enjoy my special Rover’s Reward to keep me busy.”






“Keeping my PB safe…pretty darn good!”





“Trying out Rover’s Reward on my lick mat! Yummo!”




Bella the Husky

“Mmm, my favourite treat, straight off the spoon!”






Rover’s Reward Natural Peanut Butter for Dogs is available in the pet treat aisle of Woolworths stores nationally, so pick up a jar and get your four-legged-friend’s tail wagging today!