By Mayvers

May 16, 2014

Our Mayver’s 20% Happiness Super Sale starts today for two weeks at all Coles Supermarkets with 20% off our Organic Peanut & Coconut Pure-State Spread, our Organic Peanut & Cacao Pure-State Spread and Mayver’s Pure-State Black Tahini Spread!

You can find these super healthy, all-natural, dairy free pure-state spreads in the health food aisle of selected Coles Supermarkets. To find your local store just click:-

here for Mayver’s Organic Pure-State Peanut & Coconut Spread
herefor Mayver’s Organic Pure-State Peanut & Cacao Spread
here for Mayver’s Organic Pure-State Tahini Spread

Mayver’s Peanut & Coconut Spread has all the yummy taste of traditional Peanut Butter mixed up with super-powered organic coconut without all the nasty bits! No need to worry about extra weight-gain… it’s sugar-free and contains many of the ‘good’ fats essential to a healthy balanced diet. Deliciously savoury with a hint of sweet, we simply blend and bottle pure organic desiccated coconut flesh ground with pure organic peanuts which have been lightly roasted and semi-coarsely ground giving it a texture half way between smooth and crunchy.

Mayver’s Peanut & Cacao More peanut than chocolate, Mayver’s Organic Peanut & Cacao Peanut Butter has all the yummy taste of our Organic Peanut Spreads with the extra antioxidant boost of organic Cacao. This sugar-free super spread is delicious with a teaspoon of honey (especially in a smoothie), straight up for those who love the bite of 90% dark chocolate — or mixed into a sauce and other baked goodies. (For a natural, sugar-free, all natural chocolate hazelnut spread fix which you can eat straight from the jar try our sugar-free Pure-state Hazelnut & Cacao nut butter spread).

Mayver’s Pure-State Black Tahini Slightly sweeter than Mayver’s Original Tahini, our Black Tahini Spread is made from the finest unhulled black sesame seeds which have been lightly roasted and ground into a smooth paste for better nutrient absorption. Thanks to the incredible nutritional benefits of black sesame seeds! Our Black Tahini Pure-State Spread has all the goodness of our existing pure-state Tahini range, boosted by the extra antioxidant power of the lightly toasted unhulled black sesame seed.

Sale starts 14/5/14 and ends 27/5/14 at selected Coles Supermarkets (see product page for listings)

Much love and yummyness,
Mayvers xox