Why Pick Mayver’s Organic?

By Mayvers

February 13, 2019

When walking down the Peanut Butter aisle at the local supermarket shoppers are overwhelmed with choice and false advertisement, claiming their spreads are healthiest. Here are our top tips on why you should shop organic and why Mayver’s will become your next go to. 

The fewer ingredients the better. 

When determine the best Peanut Butter remember the ingredients list should be short. Peanut butter brands that include ingredients you cannot pronounce often means you’re consuming heaping amounts of sugar and unpleasant chemicals, with very few actual peanuts. Mayver’s Organic Peanut Spread is made of two ingredients, peanuts and salt, guaranteed no added nasties.

No added nasties.

Organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides. Growing produce this way means that the food is better for you because you’re not being exposed to chemicals and other substances that can harm your health. At Mayver’s we’re all about creating the tastiest, healthiest 100% natural spreads that are made from nothing but nature’s goodness.

Better for the environment.

Choosing organic peanut butter also means that farmers and manufacturers are considering the environmental impact of growing peanuts, as using pesticide can have a harmful impact on the precious ecosystem surrounding the crops. As a small Australian business making a healthy, delicious spread with only having a positive impact on our farms is something we take very seriously.