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Mayver's - Mayver’s Black Tahini Mayver's - Mayver’s Black Tahini Mayver's - Mayver’s Black Tahini Mayver's - Mayver’s Black Tahini MAYVERS TAHINI BLACK 385g

Black Tahini


Mayver’s Black Tahini Spread is slightly sweeter and has all the goodness of our existing pure-state Tahini range, boosted by the extra antioxidant power of the lightly toasted unhulled black sesame seed. All this, and more thanks to the incredible nutritional benefits of black sesame seeds!

Ingredients & Nutritional Info

Health Benefits

Black sesame seeds are an excellent source of calcium.  Calcium plays a crucial role in building and maintaining strong, dense bones and healthy teeth.  Deficits in calcium can lead to osteoporosis, rickets and therefore higher risk of bone fractures.  Black sesame seeds are an excellent dairy-free calcium source for anyone vegan or lactose-intolerant.

Zinc is a known immune-system booster your kids need to combat common colds, scraped knees and itchy skin. Zinc plays a major role in many vital biological processes… but the body doesn’t store it anywhere within. So, for your kids to keep a healthy supply of zinc, they need to consume it every day!  Black Tahini spread is a brilliant way to give your kids the daily zinc hit they need… just tell them it’s a superfood eaten by superheroes and they won’t mind what it looks like!