Naughty but nice snacks!

By Mayvers

July 15, 2016

Here at Mayver’s, we’re all about enjoying the food we love without compromising on health. Who said that healthy has to mean boring? Michelle from A Healthy view is here to help you discover yummy, delicious recipes that are healthy- and get the tick of approval from fussy kids! Read on to find out how to get your FREE low sugar recipe e-book!

As a nutritionist who is completely aware of how sugar and processed foods affect a person’s mood, concentration and overall health, I am forever seeking quality ingredients, foods, and snacks.

We have an epidemic of children suffering from lack of concentration, low energy levels, poor immune systems and more. As a nutritionist, I am always seeking blood sugar stabilising snacks that have a combination of good fats and quality proteins, that help remove brain fog and lethargy while providing the body with nutrients. The tasty ‘Naughty But Nice’ recipe E-book is free for anyone wanting yummy snacks without the high sugar and processed, unhealthy ingredients. All nutritionally approved and kid friendly.

We use all of the Mayver’s s Pure-state spreads in our smoothies, on rice crackers, toast, dips, muffins, pancakes and it’s the secret ingredient in most of our bliss balls. We use the Tahini (or turn it into a dressing) on roasted cauliflower and broccoli, salads, or any veggies. Many times we eat it straight out of the jar with a cup of tea for a afternoon boost. Mayver’s allows us to make yummy snacks in seconds and you can use your Mayver’s jar in our recipe book! Click here to get your hands on it.

MicheleChevalleyHedgeMichele Chevalley Hedge, nutritional medicine practitioner, is also a mum of three teenagers. She is often referred to on TV, radio and at presentations as the ‘modern day nutritionist’ because she knows extremes do not work.  Michele speaks on behalf of the World Health Organisation on sugar, cancer and other well being topics and can often be seen at schools talking about nutrition and mental well being.