Fun Indoor Activities

By Mayvers

June 23, 2021

With winter finally here, it can be hard to find fun indoor activities to do on weekends and to keep everyone entertained. Yet never fear Mayver’s is here! We’ve rounded up our favourite fun indoor activities for you to try at home.


So, grab a spoonful of your favourite Mayver’s spread and let the fun begin!


If cooking is your thing, how about recipes for kids – big and small – like our Cookie Dough Balls that are easy and quick. Or you can try to cultivate your own greenhouse, it’s not as hard as you think! Plus, we have some activities and experiments that will activate young minds!


So, make a list, check it twice and tick these off as you go, you never know what might become your new fave ☺︎




Afternoon Treats

Hello School Holi-yays! These PB and Banana Milkshakes from @beautiful. button are perfect for afternoon tea – they’re easy and oh-so-good!


Green Thumb

Mayver's Jar Repurpose Avo

Cultivating your own garden is easier than it sounds and our Mayver’s jars make the ideal vessel for your plants to flourish. Read more on our tips and tricks on creating your very own in-house greenhouse here!



Grab The Popcorn

We have you all set for a family movie night with this recipe! This yummy PB Caramel Popcorn will have you popping for joy, you might need a longer intermission to whip up some more ☺︎



Reduce & Reuse


Did you know?

Our labels are easy to peel off in one go, making upcycling that much easier! Left over Mayver’s jars have so many great uses – read more here on how to give your Mayver’s jars a second life.



Cheeky Monkeys

Cheeky PB Pancakes for the cheeky little (and big) ones at home with this easy & delish recipe from @livelaughnourishaus!



Weird Science

Science Experiments in Mayver's JarsAfternoons are for experiments! At-home science is the perfect kid-spiration for the holidays, not only are they super fun they are also a great way to get kids thinking. See some of our faves here!



Keep On Rolling

Peanut Butter Cinnamon Rolls

Made with only 2 ingredients, these Peanut Butter Cinnamon Rolls from @wholesomecook are an easy peasy winter treat!







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