Recycling Week!

By Mayvers

November 7, 2019

Did you know that our Mayver’s labels are specially designed to easily peel off so you can reuse the jars? No need to scrub off that pesky residual glue!

We love seeing the clever ways of reusing our jars, and with recycling week on the horizon, we’d love to share our favourite ways you can repurpose your Mayver’s jars. Because the best way to recycle is to repurpose!

#1 Easy portable breakie on the go

If you are not a morning person you will love these! Just prep the night before and get that extra 15 of rest you deserve! Simply get a nearly empty jar of Mayver’s, layer chia pudding, activated buckwheat, yoghurt & fresh fruit. Personalise by mixing and matching your fav breakfast treats!

Breakfast jars

#2 Cultivate your own little greenhouse

Our Mayver’s jars make the ideal vessel for your plants to flourish! Just cut a small piece off a thriving plant. Let the roots grow in your jar of water until they are 2-3 inches. Then replant in moist soil. Best for succulents and devil’s ivy.


#3 Marie Kondo your kitchen & bathroom

Get rid of those clunky containers and make your pantry the envy of all your friends. Label with liquid chalk to give an extra special touch!


Clean up that cluttered bathroom without spending a cent! The humble glass jar can turn any eyesore of a bathroom into an organised oasis.