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Eggplant (Aubergine) Tahini Dip

Time: 45mins | Serves:

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1 eggplant
4 tbsp Mayver’s Hulled Organic Tahini
2 garlic cloves (crushed)
1/4 cup ground almonds
1/2 lemon juice
1/2 tsp cumin (powder)
2 tbsp fresh mint (leaves)
2 tbsp olive oil
black pepper (fresh ground)


Roast eggplant under the broiler, turning frequently, until the skin is charred and blistered.

Peel away the skin, chop flesh roughly and drain in a colander for 30 minutes, and then press or blot to leak out as much liquid from the flesh as you can.

Put eggplant flesh into blender, add tahini, garlic, almonds, lemon juice, cumin powder, salt and pepper.

Transfer to serving bowl, fold in mint leaves and drizzle with olive oil.