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Pomegranate, Rocket and Walnut Salad

Time: 10min | Serves: 4

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Generous handful of rocket
1/4 cup walnuts (or cashews)
2 pomegranates
3 cubes persian fetta
2 stems of spring onion
2 stems of celery
Salt + pepper


Rinse rocket, dry and place in salad bowl
Cut up celery, spring onion, walnuts and sprinkle over rocket
Cut open pomegranate and remove seeds and juice into two small bowls (see tip below)
Toss the pomegranate seeds through the salad along with the Persian feta
Pour pomegranate juice over the top to dress the salad
Add a touch of salt and pepper to taste

Take the whole fruit and bang it slightly on the bench then roll it forwards and back until it feels squishy beneath your hands. Once the seeds inside feel loose, take a sharp knife and make an incision in the top of the fruit to gently drain the juice into a bowl. Then cut all the way through and tap the back of the cut half to remove the seeds.

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