Guest Post: Tips and tricks to give sugar the kick!

By Mayvers

March 11, 2016


This guest post is written by Katherine AKA @kbsugarfree. Two years ago she made a decision to change her lifestyle, her habits and improve her health. Find her recipes below! You can find her e-book on her website

Hello 2016, goodbye sugar!

It all started in my second year of college – I went sugar free. Now, ‘sugar free’ has developed into a lifestyle that is free of unrefined sugar and full of wholesome, nourishing food. And you know what? It’s totally achievable for you too.I don’t do extremes and I’m not someone who is difficult to dine with. I believe in moderation and balance, and I think you should too.

I’ve learnt over the years that there are many subtle ways to be healthy without having a meme made about you (poor vegans, they really do cop a lot of slack) or having your friends ‘accidentally’ forget to invite you out. Quitting sugar isn’t something that is going to turn your world upside down, but it is going to change it and most definitely change it for the good.

There are some very simple steps to quitting sugar, but no one really says it better than Sarah Wilson. I followed her 8 week program and it’s still something I swear by! If you currently are a LONG way off quitting it (i.e. cannot see life without your afternoon chocolate fix) then this program is something I strongly recommend.

If your close to quitting sugar and lead a healthy lifestyle then there are a few tips I can give you to help make the transition a whole lot easier:
1)    Don’t buy anything you can’t understand – letters, numbers and sugar alcohols (these generally end in ‘tol’ etc.) GOOGLE them first. ESPECIALLY ‘sugar free’ items, sugar’s replacements are often nastier than itself

2)    Fight the sugar cravings with savoury options like cheese and nuts (or a teaspoon of Mayvers’ nut butters!)

3)    Check the labels on your food – sometimes ‘natural peanut butter’ can still contain sugar, which is why I stick to Mayvers!

4)    Forget salad dressings and make your own!
Mix Mayvers tahini, water, lemon and a little apple cider in a small jar or just mix the tahini with a natural Greek yoghurt for a delicious creamy dressing!

5)    Swap your sugary snacks for healthy alternatives!
I have included three recipes below, though there are plenty of sugar free treats to keep you on track in my latest eBook, ‘An Easy Guide to Healthy Living’. With over 60+ sugar free, gluten free & vegan recipes, it’s bound to have a healthy alternative for even your biggest sugar-laden weakness!

Below are some sugar free recipes to kick start your 2016.

These recipes are packed full of natural protein which is something we all love. Why you ask? Well, Mayver’s use high quality & pure state ingredients, which means they bypass the nasty stuff. So, because nuts are full of natural protein, well so too are Mayver’s nut butters.

The three recipes are also great for natural, GOOD fats which keep you fuller for so much longer. PLUS all three are completely unrefined using whole, real ingredients AND they have a very small amount of sweetener in them (you can choose the sweetener to suit your preferences, whether that’s banana, rice malt syrup or honey from your grandpas bee farm!).


Coconut Shortbread Cookie 1

Ginger and Peanut Butter Shortbread


PB Jelly Cup 2

Sugar Free Jelly Cups


Jam Drop 2

Sugar Free Jam Drops