Guest Post: The top 5 things to do with your empty Mayver’s Jar!

By Mayvers

October 31, 2015

Did you know Mayver’s labels are specially designed to easily peel off so you can reuse your jars? We lurrrve seeing people upcycle their Mayver’s jars. This month’s Official Mayver’s Taste Tester was Tina (aka @thebarefoothousewife) who gave us exclusive Mayver’s recipes! She’s got a few ideas on what to do with your stash of empty Mayver’s jars, see below for some jar-spiration! 

I love to recycle! Any chance I get I will repurpose something & give it new life. Recently I have become obsessed with collecting & reusing  glass jars, in particular Mayver’s glass jars. They have the easiest label to remove, it just peels right off!! Which is a big plus for me because who likes removing all that glue & stickiness that you get with most jars.

Here are my top five!

1. To house collections
Dotted around my house are collections of things contained in glass jars, shells from special holidays in the bathroom, cutlery from op shops in the kitchen & coins in the living room.
collections-1 2. Breakfast Jars
If you are not a morning person (like me) you will love breakfast jars. Prep these the night before & your mornings will be a breeze, simply shake the contents into you morning breakfast bowl & enjoy! or grab & go and take to work or school. Pictured is layers of blueberry chia jam, activated buckwheat, coconut yoghurt & fresh fruit. The day after I took these photos I had one & it was perfect! I tipped it into a bowl & added a big spoon of Mayvers’s Dark Chocolate Super Spread – heaven!

breakfast jars

3. To display photos
I have only just started doing this & love this quirky approach to displaying your pics. With this size jar standard size landscape photos worked best!

photo frames4. Rainbow Salad Jars
Similar to the breakfast jar idea, how about prepping a few lunches in advance too! This is so simple, just add your dressing on the bottom layer, I used a simple Mayver’s tahini & lemon juice dressing (you could use any dressing here). Then your grains, I used a combination & brown rice & quinoa. Then hard veggies, like carrot, then soft veggies at the top, like salad leaves, herbs & tomatoes. The jars keep everything fresh until you are ready to eat them. Then just shake the contents into a bowl and mix – so simple.

salad jars-15. In the bathroom
The humble glass jar can be used in many ways around your bathroom & looks pretty too.


So instead of putting your next Mayver’s jar in the recycle bin maybe you can give it a new life somewhere around your home.

Happy upcycling!

Tina @thebarefoothousewife 🙂