The secrets to a dairy free lifestyle

By Mayver's

February 9, 2018

With summer giving us all it’s got, it’s hard to not turn to milkshakes, ice cream and frozen yoghurt! Whilst they might all taste amazing, unfortunately dairy can have a poor effect on some people, ultimately affecting their skin and causing uncomfortable stomach problems such as gas or bloating. As we don’t want our dairy free friends to miss out on all the tasty goodness that comes with summer, Monica Yates has detailed below the secrets to her dairy free lifestyle.

“I wasn’t always dairy free, and for a while when I first quit sugar, I was able to tolerate full fat cheeses really well. However all of a sudden (after Od-ing too much one Christmas) My body was like “NO MORE!!!” and I haven’t been able to tolerate it since…however I’m working on incorporating the odd bit of cheese because #yolo.

IMG_2226 Firstly, if you are able to tolerate dairy and don’t get any symptoms from it (ranging from bloating to acne) then go for it – just make sure it’s organic where possible and ALWAYS full fat. Reduced fat dairy doesn’t contain some of the enzymes that help our body to break it down.

If you suffer from acne, whether it’s hormonal or not, I would advise to try eliminating dairy for 30 days to see if there is an improvement in your skin. 70% of adults are also intolerant to dairy, and such sensitivities are disruptive to your gut and immune system, inducing an inflammatory response. If you have any inflammatory conditions, including endometriosis, try eliminating dairy and reflecting on whether you felt an improvement.

How I maintain a Dairy Free life:

Firstly, the only way to maintain a healthy diet, is by having it as your number 1 priority. It’s seriously the only way. If you don’t, THAT’S OKAY! But don’t beat yourself up when you slip, it’s just not your #1 priority, something else is. And as long as you enjoy that something else – then life is too short to stress yourself out about the food you’re eating.

If you do want to maintain a really healthy diet, then you must figure out your WHY for eating this way, and make it your #1 priority. So, for me, my WHY is that I hate feeling sluggish, bloated and gross and eating healthy food makes me feel vital, strong and sexy. I LOVE looking after my body and for me, it helps with self love. After all, if I’m doing everything (within reason) for my body, then what’s the point in hating what you see?!

I make a delicious cauliflower cheese sauce that has nutrition yeast, steamed cauliflower, coconut milk, some olive oil and salt and blend it together with a stick blender in replacement of a creamy cheese sauce in lasagnes and tuna bakes.

I also use lots of Mayvers Unhulled Tahini (for the extra calcium and nutrients) in replace of cheese. Trust me, subbing Mayver’s Unhulled Tahini for cheese in things like Chicken Parmigiana, on top of pesto pasta, with kale chips, with spag bowl (okay, WITH ANYTHING) is amazing and it gives me that rich and creamy taste just like cheese.

As Dr. Libby says, “Sometimes the things we love the most are also the things we need to quit.” As whilst you might LOVE your cheese, it could be a good idea to give your body a break for 30 days. It doesn’t mean you need to quit it forever because life is WAY too short for that. However, once you break an addiction, your brain is no longer going to be screaming for you to pass the cheese platter and other things like Mayver’s Unhulled Tahini and nutritional yeast will give your dish’s that hint of cheesiness.

Lastly, don’t strive for perfection. Being healthy doesn’t mean being perfect and you will start to despise the healthy life if you are constantly battling with your willpower. Forget the willpower and know your WHY. Your WHY is what keeps you inspired to make healthier decisions.”

Monica Yates is a wellness coach and recipe curator. See some of her amazing recipes below!


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