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Mayver's - Mayver’s Original Super Spread Mayver's - Mayver’s Original Super Spread Mayver's - Mayver’s Original Super Spread Mayver's - Mayver’s Original Super Spread MAYVERS ORIGINAL SUPER SPREAD

Super Spread


Superboost your happiness with Mayver’s new Pure-State Original Super Spread. This all-natural, sugar-free nut butter is made from just Chia, Sesame, Almond and super nuts that have simply been crushed, blended and bottled. With no added oil, salt or sugar it’s deliciously crunchy and super high in protein (20g per 100g) making it the perfect alternative to a handful of nuts on the run!  Mix it up with smoothies, spread it on your favourite snack or eat it straight from the jar!

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Ingredients & Nutritional Info

Health Benefits

Mayver's Original pure-state Super Spread is simply happiness in a jar. This super delish pure-state nut butter combines all the nourishing health benefits of chia seeds, sesame, almonds and three super nuts in one convenient jar. Rich in good healthy nutty fats, omega-3, tyrptophan (nature's happy amino acid) and selenium, the almonds give it a slightly sweeter taste (without the sugar) and the chia and sesame add a little crunch!

Did you know most people don’t eat nuts because they’re afraid of getting fat…
but they couldn’t be more wrong! Nuts are clinically proven to help you lose weight and reduce the chance of further weight gain, whilst delivering an extraordinary amount of vitamins and minerals essential to good health.

Mayver's Pure-State Original Super Spread can help you keep the weight off permanently plus give your wellbeing an extra boost along the way. Made from the finest
super nuts and seeds which have simply been lightly crushed, blended and bottle – it contains absolutely no sugar, salt, fats, dairy, gluten, cholesterol or any other