Nothing But Goodness!

By Paul Raff

April 13, 2016

As a small Australian family company, we are proud to see how much we have grown in just three years! We are the only locally made peanut butter made from 100% Aussie peanuts.

Since relaunching our Tahini in 2012, we’ve been on a super tasty mission to rid the world of ‘badditives’. Our new campaign is all about bringing back the goodness…. I’m on a personal mission to give Aussies affordable healthier alternatives for the spreads they love to eat.

 As a father of two young kids, I know how busy life can get, feeling like there’s not enough hours in the day. We are all about making it easy and convenient for everyday Australians to enjoy happier, healthier lives.

Our entire range of Mayver’s spreads are made in Victoria, Australia from carefully selected 100% natural ingredients that have simply been crushed, blended and bottled.

From my family to yours, I personally invite you to try our famous Mayver’s Peanut Butter. Made locally from 100% Aussie peanuts and a tiny pinch of sea salt- it’s nothing but real Aussie goodness.

Paul Raff