Mayver’s Made – Meet the Athletes who love smashing PBs

By Mayvers

September 14, 2017

Mayver’s has been fuelling Aussie athletes for over 20 years now. But this year, we’ve challenged some of our best and brightest sporting stars to show what they can achieve when they are #MayversMade

By fuelling their bodies with good food such as Mayver’s, and turning the rich nutrients and energy in every jar into beating their personal best, that is what makes them #mayversmade.

Our Aussie athletes are out there every day smashing personal bests and working hard to reach the next best thing. Well Mayver’s is the same! We are fully committed to providing Australian’s with the most nutritious nut spread they can find.

Every Mayver’s product from our Peanut Butters, Super Spreads and Tahini are all naturally high in protein. Our Protein Plus Peanut Butter is blended with peanut flour, so it has 32% protein and less fat!

Now that you’ve seen what the #mayversmade athletes have been up to, it’s time to join them! Become part of the community and #mayversmade to your fitspo or even meal inspo post.

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There’s no need to complicate things! I eat pretty simply most of the time & to most people’s surprise I actually like eating more than I like cooking. This is a good example of a post-gym feed, as you can see I eat a lot of fruit…and a lot of @mayversfood peanut butter High carbs work well for me, it keeps me fuelled & keeps me performing at my best. I time my intake of fruit generally around my workouts- but I will often eat fruit right before bed #noyouwontgetfat Do you guys love cooking? Or do you just like to get it done like me so you can get on with the eating #eattoperform #eatyourfruit #ninjafood #fitandhealthy #athletefood #mayversmade #mayvers #proteinpeanutbutter #arvosnack #snacros #goodness

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