5 Tips to get your kids eating healthy

By Mayvers

March 29, 2017

Getting kids to eat anything that doesn’t resemble pasta, a chip or a chicken nugget might feel like an uphill battle. But we are living in an ever-more health conscious society, so it’s only natural that we want to share our knowledge with our loved ones and get them on the bandwagon too. If your kids refuse to eat anything that smells, tastes or remotely looks healthy, we want to help out with some tips on how to get your kids munching the good stuff!

1. Persistence is key
Neophobia (fear of unknown food) naturally tends to develop in young children around the age of two. However, the damage is reversible. Research shows it can take up to 14 times for kids to be exposed to a vegetable before they like it. So keep it simple and try, try again.

2. Why should they eat healthy food?
According to this study, telling kids broccoli will make them grow big and strong is not enough of a motivator. So just why should they eat healthy food? Professor Ayelet Fishbach said in this report that kids tend to categorise food in two groups: either it’s healthy or…. it’s not (and that’s why it tastes delicious). “If you want them to eat the carrots, you should just give the kids the carrots and either mention that they are tasty or just say nothing”. Maybe hold off on the ‘spinach will give you super powers’ talk too.

3. Buy what you want them to eat
Remember you are in charge of the money… and the shopping. You have the power to refuse to buy junk food. It’s important that you can give your kids the power to choose what healthy food they want to eat. Having a fruit bowl around is a great way to do this as kids like to graze and the fruit bowl encourages healthy snacking. To entice them, even more, you can give them a piece of apple with Mayver’s Peanut Butter on it. It really is delicious and nutritious! Giving them a variety of healthy foods for them to choose from is key but don’t force them- which brings us to the next point.

4. Don’t make healthy food a punishment
You want them to enjoy food, and you don’t want them to think eating healthy food is another chore to be endured. So keep it fun and be light hearted about it, encourage them, and lead by example by telling them how delicious it is. If you can keep this up for 14 times well they may change their minds and start to like it!

5. If you can’t beat them, join them!
Involve your kids. Take them to a farmers market, get into the garden and give them their own bean plant to care for, cook with them and eat together. Bonding with them over good healthy food is a great way to make memories that will last a lifetime. Their dietary habits and palate preferences can and will change! If they see you enjoying your healthy food they will soon be more inclined to enjoy theirs.


Here are some healthy kid-friendly recipes for you to try out:

Sweet Potato Truffles



Tahini Sweet Potato Truffles (As healthy as these sound they taste twice as delicious!)



Vegan Bounty Slice


Creamy Vegan Bounty Slice (A healthy version of the yummy treat and no nasties)







Tahini-mite (A healthy version of the much loved Aussie Favourite made with our Tahini)